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GHK-Cu was first discovered by the Brilliant Scientist Dr Loren Pickard in 1973. Numerous studies have since shown the vast array of
benefits that this copper peptide gives. Lifewave CEO David Schmidt set about investigating how GHK could be elevated in the body
using his patented phototherapy technology.

After over 15 years and over 4,000,000 Dollars invested David achieved his goal of using phototherapy to raise the levels of GHK-Cu and a World First was achieved!

Lifewave x39 elevates GHK-Cu which is proven to activate the bodies own stem cells to a younger state .Independent studies indicate that GHK-Cu controls and can re-set over 4,000 of our genes to a youthful state.

Lifewave x39 is available at retail or preferred cusomer. The autoship preferred customer price is the same as wholesale.

At the beginning of 2019 Lifewave launched X39 and are now selling in over 90 nations.


The Metabolism Pilot

-17 Amino Acid Changes at significance at the end of the week.
-.Produced anti-inflammatory effects based on amino acid results.
-A reduction in blood pressure at significance.
-Improves quality of sleep.
-Increased vitality.
-Improved short term memory.

The Metabolism Double Blind

-Increase in 8 amino acids at significant levels over the three time period.
-Increase in 3 amino acids at near significance.
-Improved short term memory at significant levels over 7 days.
-Improved mid term memory at near significance in 7 days.
-Improved quality of Sleep at significant levels within 24 hours.
-Increase in vitality at near significant levels in 7 days.
-Reduction in blood pressure at significance in 7 days.
-Improved muscle relaxation at near significance in 7 days.
-Improved Heart Rate Variability at significance in 7 days.
-Increase in depth of respiration at near significance in 7 days 9 Breathing more deeply ).

The Blood Plasma Pilot

- increased production at significance of GHK in 24 hours.
-increased production at signifcance of GHK-Cu in 7 days.

Lifewave : NIRVANA the Happiness System. Breakthrough Nutrition and unique Phototherapy Patch.

Increases Beta Endorphins over a 24 Hour period.

Available retail most countries in the World.

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