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A number of successful athletes used Lifewave patches in London 2012 Olympics and the technology is being employed in a variety of Sports. A large number of athletes in Japan are expected to use Lifewave technology.

With most of us watching these dedicated athletes how can we as individuals get the benefits of the Lifewave Technology in our day to day lives?


This breakthrough patch Y-Age Aeon helps support the balance of the Autonomic nervous system, ultimately decreasing the body's stress response. Aeon also decreases inflammation.

In simple terms the majority of people feel happier in their daily lives and therefore more resiliant.


Surely if we could increase energy and get more out of our day without puting harmful stimulants into our system we would. Lifewave has addressed this with the Energy Enhancer simply by placing the patches on acupressure points we can naturally increase stamina and energy.

Remember as we age we reduce our fat burning ability ,this fact was key when David Schmidt Lifewave inventor produced this remarkable product.


No one told us about Glutathione ? Over 100,000 scientific papers have been published on it far more than Vitamin C. So the scientific community know it is integral to our health. One of the problems and probably one of the reasons we dont hear much about it is how do we raise blood levels as we age Glutathione declines. We can now dramatically, safely, naturally raise our levels in just one day.

Benefits of Glutathione, improves overall health, our immune system is supported,promotes the release of stored toxins and fine lines and wrinkles are minimized. Please google " Glutathione " I did and was amazed that how crucial it is!


Like Glutathione this was new to me ! An anti-aging agent within our own bodies called Carnosine? Clinical research on this remarkable substance has revealed amazing and dramatic benefits. Carnosine improves overall health, improves athletic performance, accelerates wound healing and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

Carnosine is available in large quantities in the brain, muscle and other tissues however as we age Carnosine declines. Pills, powders and drinks only boost levels by trivial amounts. Lifewave research shows that their Y Age carnosine patch has a significant positive effect on the bioelectrical properties of the body.


Everyone knows how a good nights sleep feels! As we age our sleep patterns change, we get less nightime sleep as we get older but our need for sleep remains the same. The answer does'nt need to be in the form of a sleeping pill. The great news is that Lifewave has obtained E.U approval for silent nights as a treament of insomnia.

Silent nights patches are applied to acupuncture points that have been used for thousands of years-a safe and effective method to get the sleep you need and deserve!


The goal was set for Lifewave : Imagine a rapid and drug free pain/discomfort reliever. A patch with nothing going into the body. Icewave evolved for local and whole body discomfort.

According to acupuncture theory pain is the result of an obstruction in the flow of energy in the body. The Lifewave technology re-balances this flow helping ensure all systems in the body function properly, thereby starting the healing system from within.

An important fact: Lifewave clinical studies using an infrared camera showed Icewave creates an immediate cooling on the body. Icewave gets results - safely and effectively!


Without question one of the most challenging Health issues is obesity and weight gain. There is great information out there, nutrition, exercise, hydration tips but how can Lifewave add their technology to make a difference?

By using ancient principles of acupuncture ,SP6 was brought about! The result is a natural reduction in hunger and food cravings. With your appetite being regulated you feel in control and you dont have to endure through hunger and you dont have to rely on stimulants!


I would encourage anyone who is interested in Lifewave to check out the research page on the home page

Another great resource is

LIFEWAVE. Alavida Lifewave Breakthrough Skin Care

The following photographs were August 2014 and January 2006 after using Y AGE:

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