My first experience with the ENERGY PATCHES was when I tested them out with a
trainer based in Aberdeen. Mark did 42 press ups without the patches and 70 with the patches! His colleague remarked " there is the placebo effect but thats not possible its quite amazing".

The potential for the patches in the Sporting and Corporate World is vast.I can only describe them as having energy on demand. My own experience is the afternoon when you can feel sleepy just does not happen and you can work consistently well and come home and enjoy your evening.

When Lifewave introduced Y AGE ( glutathione and carnosine ) there was great excitement the Glutathione patch probably being Lifewaves largest selling product. Glutathione is the bodies Master Anti-oxidant. My own experience was within a week of using the patch my dry skin cleared up and my energy levels increased. The skin all over my body was much softer within two weeks. Fine lines and wrinkles were much lighter. As we age our levels of Glutathione deplete. Please google "glutathione" and you will be amazed that you have never heard of this incredible anti oxidant. Needless to say I am never without Y AGE. I alternate the Glutathione and carnosine patches on selected acupuncture points. While I am immensely grateful to the inventor of Lifewave technology David Schmidt for all the patches Y AGE is my favourite !

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