Where are the products Produced?

They are produced in Ireland near Galway and shipped direct to the U.K. Delivery is usually 3-5 working days after the order is placed.

Can I purchase the products from you ?

please go to and you can order retail by using my ID 595016. Payment is made by credit card
.Alavida is Launched by Lifewave a Phototherapy patch along with two creams a World first! Beauty from the inside out and outside in!

Can you summarise the patches as it can be confusing !

X39 Stem cell patch- For stem cell activatation to a younger state Anti aging/youth renewal.
Y Age Aeon - For anti aging, stress relief and inflammation.
Y Age Glutathione - For Healthier Detoxification and Anti aging.
Y Age Carnsoine - For Skin repair, stamina, strength and Anti Aging.
Energy Enhancer - For more steady, focused energy.
Icewave - For immediate pain relief.
Alavida - For Healthier Skin from inside out

Dr Norman Shealy a leading famous Pain specialist and Holistic Medically qualified Doctor has done work with Lifewave ?

Yes there is a reference to the Silent Nights on his website. Also on go to research and you will find clinical work done by Dr Shealy on Silent Nights.

Duncan F.Wilson

For a top class overview with videos please go to

BLOG ; 17TH JULY 2011

Many hundreds of Olympic athletes have used the Lifewave Technology to enhance Peak Performance in past Olympics. So it is with great excitement that we look forward, London 2012
However the potential is to bring Lifewave to the grassroots of all sports including professional and amateur. Indeed to get a better understanding I attended a number of football matches in the Bridge Of Don, Aberdeen, Scotland area to get a better understanding of the commitment people have to their sport. It is my Job to highlight just what the patches can do to add value to their performance. Today is the final day of the British Open Golf and I wonder how many could have benefited with the Lifewave Technology.

25TH MARCH 2012:

Cell Phone Protection:

Lifewave have manufactured " MATRIX " a unique radiation protect device which can reduce cell phone radiation by 85% and upwards. A short video ( approximately 2 minutes ) :

With 5 billion Cell phones in operation Worldwide and the World Health Organisation classifying Cell Phone Radiation as possibly carcinogenic I am looking forward to the release of Matrix on APRIL 2012 by Lifewave. A Book I highly recommend is "Disconnect" by Dr Devra Davis which highlights the concerns of Mobile Phone Radiations. In the United Kingdom the charitable organisation are doing great work to highlight the possible health risks particularly for our children.

15TH APRIL 2012

Tomorrow is an extremely exciting day in Lifewave History. Matrix Cell shield is launched and will be available throughtout the World including our local area Aberdeen, Scotland!
It will be on sale immediately to Apple I Phone4/4s users with more Matrix Cell shields to follow for most of the top selling phones.Companies are welcome for quotation for Matrix. A copy of the Laboratory testing from SGS will be available. By providing these great business tools for employees ( smart phones ) companies should be pleased to know that a proven tested way of reducing cell phone radiation levels for their workers is finally at hand in the MATRIX.


With millions of Smart Phones being used by company personnel around the World the matrix is a solution to protect employees health. Manufacturers guidelines state keeping at least 15mm away from the head when in use yet very few people conducting company business are aware of these safety guidelines. The World Health Organisation classify Mobile Phone Radiation as " Possibly Carcinogenic " again only a small percentage of people are aware.
I would recommend reading Mobilewise response to the recent Health Protection Agency statement on Mobile Phones.


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